Proposed Superiorland Bylaws Amendments

At the June 12, 2024 meeting of the Superiorland Library Coopeartive Board of Directors, the Bylaws Committee presented recommended changes to the Board’s Bylaws. Because amendments to the Bylaws cannot be voted on in the same meeting in which they are presented, the Superiorland Board of Directors will vote on the changes at their next meeting on September 11, 2024. You can view a red-lined version of the proposed changes here.

The draft changes ensure that the Curtis Public Library, a newly established library and now a full member of the Superiorland Library Cooperative, is included among a listing of all member libraries in the Bylaws. The changes also add the Curtis Public Library to voting Group 1, and moves the Whitefish Township Community Library to Group 3. This ensures the Curtis Public Library is represented within a voting Group, and helps maintain a nearly equal number of libraries and total population served between Groups.

If you have questions about the changes ahead of the Board’s September 11 meeting, please reach out to Dillon Geshel at

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